Thesis For Indy Linux Package Management System  (Indy Linux PMS or ILPMS for Short.)
Rough Draft .001b

Gentoo Linux advantages Off The Scale Pros Package System  (also know as “Portage”) Compiles from Source, has Many options ,
Can Install Binary Packages. 
Has packages updated far more frequently than Majority of Distributions.
Cons: Dose not Have a System to network a Shared repository of Compiled Binaries;with Exception of a host configured on Local network. 
Indy Linux PMS hopes to Fill The Void By getting Binary Servers up And Running CVS SVN   systems hacked into CBD    
and BVN  Equivalents  and have PHP-XML based browser and SQL package Classification Sorting into etc for website management for package Hosts On internet or LAN ,
(Default Gentoo Dose but defining what to keep and when to discard old Binaries is well..... when “X”=N start dealing old files from cashes , and you have to specify different folders for any system type ,  (otherwise overwritten)
Examples are , I386 ,I586 , I686 , Pentium & Itanium  or Atholon;  Atholon 64 Type of CPU's.But it wont do further package classification  such as  dependencies
It will just OVERWRITE the package In Cashse

Redhat , Debian and other package  based Management Systems  preconfigured systems option for Packages  are Fairly much Install,upgrade, uninstall , or 
To Install or not to Install ? That is The Question?  (Shakespeare I suppose if he we alive and a Computer Geek too)
Package Build options are if your lucky a ./make a package with options and a rpm or Debian  Spec File . 
Then come The Quandary of Dependencies , basic package from the distribution dependencies already Instatalled.
Or will it have A nead to hunt Down obscure Packages that arent prepackaged.
I like Some the can Distributions Speed Of Install In fact I dont Use a Small Distribution of Linux to prepare my drive for Gentoo. 
(Knoppix or other Linux with GUI drive preparing tools Vida/vita ?  Linux is rumored to be eassily Converted to Gentoo and has most the base pkgs. Like X server etc and it's install size is small) 
However I prefer the efficiency of Gentoo 's Package management system for at least ease of Installing from Source, But Like Many I Find Falt with no precompile Packages save but a few defalts,
a Slow Down and The wait between Compile times Is Rather Agonizing on Some Systems.

Compiling Some Packages On other System Types Can Break Your Disribution ( Redhat Inc. Fedora core , others Etc [ ./confuge, make all , make instal ;
and then system is fried beyond repair ])
(Allthough Rare It was one falt of Redhat I seamed to often trigger being 4-6 revisions behind kde or something also usefull  and the fact of other packages you just cant get for Redhat whithout compiling them.
furthoremore since compiling of even some new packages to /opt  directory  even some that were rather simple packages with libraries installed to its own directory could even fry an Install )
or simple wait 2 years while sombody gets package foo 2.1 packaged to your distribution of Linux ;  meanwhile everybody ealse is using 4.0 by then)