Welcome To Indy Linux Package Management System ( English ) 

Puting Some Speed into Installing Gentoo Via a shared compiled package system. with options and tracking.

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 Gentoo One Of The Most Powerful Linux Distributions On The Planet

Alas; the Compile times. 

ILPMS hopes to securely Store Packages (Via XML and repository  engines  and on Ftp  with classifications  Not To Mention add Speed through Sharing.

And Share Precomiled Packages for Gentoo Portage Online
(still Under Construction)

Thesis Documentation Of Operation  (Prologue And Basic Theoretical Operations and Discretion Of Why I started This Project)

Currently In Rough Draft  will be revising it over the next few days

Requirements Draft(s)  for sub-projects

Goals: Making obtaining most common binaries with variety of options near after users joined to share networks rapidly avalible  (even if uncommon )
quick painless , simplistic Pizza delivery orders . 

emerge -world -update  6 days 9 hours and .....
or  I-merge -world --update     150 binaries found 6 packages will need to be compiled  <ilpms.mirriors.sombdy.org>     <<<
would you share the packages (Y) ( N)
shall I run emerge -b $package_url    (y)
Estimated time is about 90 Minutes - 3 hours depending on remaining packages compile times. install time for bin pkgs 10 minutes ......

Compile Time , Still will be the Same but if the jobs are distributed its much quicker, if the compile jobs are done by users Emerging its random but can kinda get same distributed job effect.  TIME SAVINGS

More users share more often than not it will give other sharing users time to emerge other things since CPU's aren't tied up with their original job, thus growing the pool of shared packages.

Centralized Cronjobs -Emerging --- suppose this option could be done
kinda like Seti@home but would be gracefully and compile in background.
those who'd allow their machines to volentier.

ML Basic Packages This Description
Gentoo Meta Package Storage Language
Shall Be Written And Defined By My Self

(From Networking  Package Collision is Problematic, Thus too Could Package Collision
this will Prevent such and aid The SQL / Server applications in storing packages into an appropriate repository.

Security:     though traditional  security models apply ,  best practices 
Main reason for the XML Is Package Security ,   Package "Foo-Bar"  ( Example ) can be emerge ( Compiled ) with any Number of Options And Versions .

Kind of like Ordering Pizza , Basic cheese and on up. 

Basic Tree Classification: Package Name ; CPU ; O/S (Gentoo Linux / Gentoo  BSD /Dragon Fly BSD (also uses Gentoo's portage or can)    and Flavor : Basic ; Midrange  Maximum (typical maximum compile options)
Extreme ( maximum compatibility and tweaked to the hilt)  Custom -- dosen't fit else where
Sub Flavor ---Customs sub dirrivitive of the main flavors  ( IE  I686 CPU with Atholon-64 CPU Fat binary for 32/64 bit compile Dual mode or options not normally used --(Assuming statistics Engine or just weird options for odd ARCH)
Sub Packages / Projects
ILPMS website KIT
ILPMS mini website (local admin console)
SQL server backend --- Main DB
Website Server SQL back end  -- Small and lite -- and basic transforms and import DB from Main db -- small for CMS and Fast Searches. Should be able to pick out only nessasy info from main db
; Preemptive  package names lists etc, but not the whole package table

ILPMS backend

I/L-merge   (L-merge?) (i-merge) (making sure we have no conflicting portage plug in names) as a PLUG IN to portage aim is to make it run as close to emerge as possible

Portage "clone "of  Emerge with tweaks ; if  package hunt (for local ILPMS/Internet server) fails normal Emerge gets called , package gets shared out. installed etc as always. most people who use Gentoo are used to emerge so making it TRANSPARENT  by only changing command name usage habits
and just displying some Xtra dialogs , and calling emerge with same options
 {Perhaps Gentoo will give us the honor of making it Depricated and become part of Regular Portage and Emerge in time after the kinks are gone}

CVB (hacked CVS for compiled binary and  ready to deploy sources kernels etc  'Compiled Sources'  pre-patched  against xyz  so thier ready to compile no 35 minutes of or So of ALSA and Genkernel patching Etc.)

SVB (hacked SVN likewise)

XML  components  (redundency and DB auto-recovery, FTP  File Troves for Client end Clasification , some predone Via Tree Type and Flavor

ILPMS Package Meta Storage  Basic DB entries and package strings
Can be with package or package media  (tarball mime/uuencoded)

Would Prevent accedental overights on servers with and /incoming directory if same package file name should result even though package origin time stamp / random off set string  should be diffrent 
(IE php-5.x-USA-IN-same time--Random-string-.tar.gz )
ESP is Server is Quite Busy ,
 if it's slower or company server proply wont need the mime/ or uuencode into xml option ,
XML stores well in SQL Binary it can but can querry the xml strings etc eassier etc.

or if package resume text
This Project Thus Far Is Rather Speculative And Highly Theoretical.

(If Wallet=Bill Gate's I too would be good realizing my software Ideas , I more Ideas Than Skill to achieve Them)

IT-Systems Security , is My Primary Skill Set ; "Programing" other than Mid grade Website Development is not Much above  (hello.world);  (and with the new web devlopment types I'm getting fast to a fosil)

Systems Are More Secure When Packages Are Up to Date

Linux Applications Developers Whanted Highly, Though I have The Ideas to a Point I know I am Far far below skills required to, do such but I'm hoping My vision and foresight and will to make the world a better place , and Improve one the best Linux Distros , and make it eassier for more users will have merit enough to cary it though.

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